Certified Professional Inspector

Certified through International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. InterNACHI.org 


$10,000 Honor Guarantee

InterNACHI is so certain of the integrity of our members

that we back them up with our $10,000 Honor Guarantee.


First Time Home Buyers

As a first-time home buyer, be sure to get a copy of "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" from your Fully Involved Home Inspector. 


Radon Test Certified

The EPA and the Surgeon General recommend testing all homes for Radon.


Infrared Certified

The use of Infrared allows us to follow air and water flow to show leaks and areas of concerns.


Structure and Foundation Certified

The inspection of the foundation to your home is a critical component for both structural and water damage.


Roof Inspector

The Roof inspection ensures the  envelope that protects your home from adverse weather is up to standard. 


Exterior Inspector Certified

The exterior inspection includes exterior walls, landscaping and ground slope from the home. 


Deck Inspector Certified

The deck, patio, balcony, gazebo or other exterior structures of the property can lead to costly deficiencies. 


HVAC Inspector Certified

The heating ventilation and air conditioning units of a home play a vital role in comfort and should be inspected before purchase of any home.


Plumbing Inspecting Certified

This complex system of a home requires inspection of both water delivery and waste removal.


Moisture Intrusion Inspector Certified

Water damage is the number one expense in correcting a defect in a home. Let us find the potential issues before they become a finical burden.


Electrical Inspector Certified

A  system of hot, neutral and ground wires through fuses and breakers make this inspection complex and dangerous to the untrained inspector.


Chimney Inspector Certified

A fireplace and chimney can vary from wood, pellet or gas burning and each ones has its own reasons to have special attention given to it during the inspection.


Residential Property Inspector

Home inspections differ from a commercial building inspection as they both have defining characteristics that relate to the use of the property.


Safe Work Place Inspector Certified

The inspection is used to ensure the safety of the family and their investment. As well as the safety of those during the inspection process.  


Fire Extinguisher Certified

Along with your home inspection a fire and life safety inspection can be done at no cost by a professional firefighter.


Firefighter Mentality

Professionally trained in life safety and hazard identification will help identify hazards to keep your home safe for you and your family.


Colorado State Certified Fire Inspector

Twenty years of  firefighting and fire inspections has equipped me with a skill set that exceeds most home inspectors. 


Pet Friendly Inspector

It is a chaotic process purchasing or selling a home. Don't let the hassel of pet care impede the process. Leave them home!!


Honest and Ethical Inspector

I pride myself on my reputation of being honest and of high ethical standards. During our time together you will gain a forever inspector and friend. 

Verification of Certified Professional Home Inspector